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    Keener Style describes my sense of style in a nutshell. I’m a geeky nerd girl who has always had a keen interest in art, design, and the overall creative element. I’m a little bit o’ left brain and a little bit o’ right brain. By day, my work involves business, math and statistics, and the rest of the time I’m dabbling in random art projects, whether it’s designing and sewing handbags, drawing at the Toronto School of Art, helping friends on set with their photo shoots, coding and designing simple websites, et cetera.

    One thing I must declare is that I am not a fashion guru by any means. I don’t know fancy fashion terms. I don’t know much about famous designers or brands. I am simply a keener girl who truly appreciates great fashion, timeless art and eloquent design.

    People often ask where I get some of my funky finds. I shop in small boutiques, street markets, trade shows, and even the mall—yes, the mall. To me, a great design find is a great design find, no matter who designed it. The purpose of this site is to simply write about fashion, art and design that is beautifully unique, modern, funky and impressive. And if it’s local, even better!

    I’m a geeky keener at heart with an artsy vision and an eye for design. Writing about the talent that’s out there is part of a creative path that I welcome you to join. I hope you enjoy the ride.

    Keener Girl


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