First Impressions Dental Hygiene Clinic

First Impressions Dental Hygiene Clinic is located on the 2nd floor of the Court Street Medical Centre.

It is owned and operated by Kristine Spehar, RDH, and Jayme Bernard, RDH.

They provide a dental cleaning service that exceeds patient’s expectations. Clients are treated on an individual basis, based on their specific needs. The clinic promotes optimum oral health as it has a vital link to overall health and well-being. With a broad knowledge base, experience, and passion to help people, First Impressions Dental Hygiene Clinic aims to provide the highest standard of care in a safe, clean environment to achieve optimal oral health.

Additionally, Professional Teeth Whitening is offered at an excellent rate compared to Dentist offices.

Call (289) 397 -GUMS [4867] for more details.

Dental Care Services

Preventative  services
Complete oral assessments
Teeth cleaning (scaling, root planning and polishing)
Fluoride treatments
Dental sealants
Desensitizing for sensitive teeth
Oral cancer screenings
Oral hygiene education
Diet  and nutrition counselling
Smoking cessation
Custom sports guards

Cosmetic services
Teeth whitening  (in office or take home)
Polishing for stain removal

Why you should see an independent dental hygienist?

First Impressions Dental Hygiene Clinic offers COMPLETE  and thorough dental hygiene services that focuses on your individualized needs! Flexible hours (open on Saturday) make us more convenient for you and your family.

What makes us different from a traditional dental office?

We proved the same dental hygiene services you would receive from a traditional dental office. What makes us different is that we follow a separate fee guide that makes the same services more economical.  [20-30% LESS for the exact same services!!)] And you don’t have to leave your dentist. We encourage yearly exams with your current dentist! Referrals to oral health care providers such as a dentist is also available.

Learn more about WHY we can offer lower Dental Hygiene Fees HERE